Creating a good environment in the class room

Every problem that happens in my classroom is my fault. Or stated more positively…I am responsible to ensure good things happen in my class.

If we can get over that hurdle, if we can get through that first barrier, we are on the downhill ride to becoming a great teacher. We are responsible for ensuring that our classroom runs smoothly.

The behavior of the members of the class is a reflection of you as a teacher. If most of your class members are misbehaving, it’s not primarily the fault of the members. The blame rests squarely on your own shoulders. YOU are the problem in your classroom. I came to realize that my class will behave as badly as I allow them to, and they will also behave as excellently as I demand that they do.


Clearly there will be exceptions to the rule. Sometimes they just misbehave. Stress, not clear understanding of a principle or doctrine, not in concordance with your explanations, etc. The great teachers are the ones who take personal responsibility for the behavior of their students.

Try this at assignment:

Write down every behavior problem you encounter the past Sunday. Start the moment the first member enters the class room and end the moment the last member leaves the class room. Did you greet all of them? Did you create a first sign of security? Or you just wait them to make time and don’t be teaching so long time? Where you asking specific questions? Did you say bye to them after the end of the class? Please answers these questions and, make your plans to get better.